“Do You Think That I’m A Fool” is the empowering new track from pop singer Caroline. For every bit that Caroline sounds delicate, she’s just as strong. This pop song is anthemic and powerfully entertaining. Blissful and elegant all-at-once, the song’s undercurrent is fit to be primetime ready. Caroline’s care for the fine tunings for everything pop, mixed with a dash of EDM makes “Do You Think That I’m A Fool” one convicting modern song. 

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As smooth as Caroline sounds, it’s the singer’s powerful impact that creates the biggest bang. She’s never out of character, so it seems, in her quest to create a song that glides its way into the listener’s soul. This song is a pop song, yes, but it also feels bigger than just what you might listen to in passing. I think modern audiences are almost conditioned to give a song two or three seconds before skipping. This one really marinated with me. I slipped away, deep into her harmonies. Caroline has a way of caressing the words, giving the listener just the right amount of leeway with the words to take flight. This song, to me, is about strength and facing the day. It’s about not holding back and being proud of accomplishments but acknowledging setbacks. I think you get a very clear picture that Caroline is a confident, not brash, artist.

You can be so vain, she sings. Her voice is made for pop music. She sounds more on the younger side, but that’s not to say she doesn’t sound believable. I think a lot of younger audiences will relate to this particular line, and the song in general, because you’re dealing with young relationships. Young audiences are still navigating relationships and going through self-discovery. People can be selfish, or in this case, vain to think that they are not the problem and blame others. The fact that Caroline calls out this particular person as being vain is pretty cool.  

Caroline never lets the rousing beat drown her vocals. I liked the tones, much like a summer day, with bursts of positive energy running throughout. The percussion arrangement reminds me a lot of the head bopping you do while in the car – it’s just a nice groove space to occupy. It blends so well with the textures of the song and Caroline’s flavorful voice. She’s real. She makes it sound easy, with her voice bouquet-like and expanding with each listen. I can easily see this song being a ‘live-show’ favorite with its dance-worthy beats and happening tones. 

This is the type of song that really lends itself to being a group, singing along. “Do You Think That I’m A Fool” just begs to be listened to in a concert or festival setting. The verdict? I think you can read between the lines and know that I’m giving this high marks. It’s a fun song, with a potent message snuck between the measures. Caroline is one to watch and I’m definitely going to keep her on my radar. 

Garth Thomas