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Cooper isn’t doing well in Covered Bridge, Massachusetts.

His mother is filling her days with vodka and orange juice, and his psychotic little sister keeps cutting the heads off her dolls. His delusional grandfather won’t stop staring at non-existent cows in the pasture, and their farm dog is acting meaner than usual.

Everyone blames Cooper for the tragic accident which took his girlfriend’s life. Now a group of slackers from Mount Tom Regional High School are gathering deep in a forest clearing—at the Devil’s Dining Room—eager for the rising of her ghost on Devil’s Night, the eve before Halloween.

Cooper thinks they’re all crazy. Are they?

Author and playwright Howard Odentz is a life-long resident of the gray area between Western Massachusetts and North Central Connecticut. His love of the region is evident in his writing as he often incorporates the foothills of the Berkshires and the small towns of the Bay and Nutmeg states into his work. The mysterious has always played a major role in Howard’s writing. He is endlessly fascinated with the psychological aspects of those who are thrown into thrilling or otherworldly circumstances.

Read Howard’s other works including the newly released short SNOW, as well as the young adult and emerging adult zombie trilogy DEAD (a LOT), WICKED DEAD, and DEAD END, the disturbing jaunt BLOODY BLOODY APPLE, the psychological thriller WHAT WE KILL, and the wildly creepy collection of twenty-six short stories about murderous children called LITTLE KILLERS A to Z.

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