Just in time to ward off winter’s advancing chill, here comes gorgeously appealing actor and model DeAngelo Jackson, with a fabulous new calendar that will light up the holidays for real! Jackson, who is breaking down barriers in gay adult film, has created a year-long gallery of vignettes that add sexiness to every season. Each month showcases a new side of this chiseled young visionary. DeAngelo tells The Hollywood Digest that the calendar “is something special. it’s the first time I’ve done a calendar with shots of just me. I think everybody will reslly like this.” It’s no understatement to say DeAngelo commands much attention–he was recognized as the Best Body winner at the 2018 Str8Up Gay Porn Awards, and his decade-long film career has been a strung of success following success. “It’s impportant to me to represent in the LGBTQ community,” DeAngelo notes, and he’s serious about it. A portion of the proceeds from this calendar will benefit Beauty With A Cause (BWAC), a nonprofit dedicated to utilizing the concept of beauty to support the LGBTQ community and its allies.

“I wanted to add a personal touch for the new year,” DeAngelo reflects, noting that the calendar is the a step in a new direction. DeAngelo has been with the critically-acclaimed Noir Male Studio since it opened, and he is striving to open people’s eues to the presebce of Black gay men in adult film. “I think Noir Male is having a positive impact as far as how men of color are represented on film,” DeAngelo told Means Happy, a site which tracks the industry. “Racism is still an issue in our society, so it’s no surprise it’s an issue in porn. Things are changing, but slowly. I’d like to think I’m helping to change some people’s view of gay black porn stars.” You can get your stunning DeAngelo Jackson calendar <a href=https://deangelojacksonshop.com?here now, and the first hundred orders will receive, as a bonus, a free Noir MAle DVD featuring a steamy full-length scene with DeAngelo, and a dozen trailers, all directed by the iconic Chi Chi LaRue. Imagine awakening to those sweet litle goodies on Christmas morning! Photos courtesy DeAngelo Jackson