San Diego based Rapper, DBIZZ, has released his EP, simply titled, Pressure. Confident and jovial, DBIZZ employs a somewhat minimalistic style throughout the record. He has perfect enunciation and every single word is discernible across the record. Opting to either create anticipation, or simply out of necessity, Pressure is a relatively short but snappy effort, clocking in at under 15 minutes. DBIZZ gets and in gets out, and leaves a lasting impression with his latest release.


“Big Dog” is not a tribute to Roman Reigns, but rather a doctrine on DBIZZ’s, shall we say, entrepreneurial skills. Let’s just say had Jay Z not already laid claim to the title, “Big Pimpin,” DBIZZ would claim it here. There’s a fair amount of humor contained within DBIZZZ’s work, and this track is a prime example. It has a tongue-in-cheek slant, but stops just short of being willfully fictional. For his part, DBIZZ seems to have mastered the jargon and swagger, but without the angst-ridden misogyny that general typifies the subject matter.

For “Used To,” DBIZZ replicates a symphonic loop with a digital synthesizer for the intro. This seems to be the first single from Pressure and DBIZZ doesn’t make the slightest attempt to censor himself. DBIZZ essentially gives a self description and matter-of-factly decrees that he is one of a kind. Whatever you may be used to, is nothing like DBIZZ, according to him.

The sound that DBIZZ goes for on Pressure, is painfully simple, but reasonably effective. More often than not it’s just a single metronome beat that DBIZZ raps over. The monotone arrangement actually goes some distance in helping to define DBIZZ’s vocal style. Overall, the sound on Pressure does not disappoint. Most importantly, DBIZZ makes tremendous progress in establishing a signature sound on this album.

DBIZZ’S conversational style of Rapping is never more apparent than on “Light It Up.” A patient groove, that has an almost seedy and sinister undertone, “Light It Up,” could make a case for the follow up single from Pressure. It’s DBIZZ at his most relaxed and most confident, reminding any and all of his critics of his indisputable authenticity . This one is best experienced with an edible and a car ride.

Technically speaking, Pressure is an EP, but it almost feels more like a well performed demo. DBIZZ has exceptional rhyming and lyrical skills. His delivery is highly distinct, and he would behoove himself to get a little more ambitious, musically. The obvious play on the title is that DBIZZ is a diamond in the rough, and pressure is symbolic of his artistic process. As for now, you can find Pressure on all major streaming platforms.

Garth Thomas