If I were to sum up Linda Rossetti’s new book unsentimentally, it would be – simply put – Getting a grip, twenty-first century style. Part of what elevates Rossetti’s read, Dancing with Disruption: A New Approach to Navigating Life’s Biggest Challenges, is the fact Rossetti’s convictions aren’t just indicative of her well-researched, well-formed ideas and strategies. They come from a distinctly personal place as well. “This book and the research that stands behind it are nothing short of a labor of love.

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I hope it helps you transform what could be a terrifying and unsettling period in your life into one of promise and great joy. In many ways, this is the book I wish I had found when I was in a place similar to the one Janelle described that morning in the conference room. The process you will learn about in the upcoming pages is intended to help you bring fresh thinking to moments of upheaval in your life and empower you to respond differently by relying on newfound confidence to make choices that can positively impact your life,” Rossetti writes. “In the end, I hope that this book helps you come to know, trust, and turn up the volume on your own voice.

I have come to know that shifts in your sense of self are signaling an opportunity to rely on your own voice more fully. As you will learn, I was fooled by this connection to voice. For decades, I wholeheartedly believed I was listening to my own voice. Yet, the techniques you will learn in the upcoming pages revealed gaps in my voice’s strength and my connection to it. That awareness, and my attempt to address the gaps, have changed my life in ways I never anticipated when I first sat down to talk with Janelle and the others.” Those techniques, simply put, are articulated in a series of stories that show the methods Rossetti swears by in real-time. It’s an incredibly effective approach. By putting a human face on what otherwise could be drier, statistically-backed data passages, Rossetti feels like someone worthy of your trust.

She makes the personable practical, and the practical personable. It’s a delicate balance of tonalities, as typically fictitious and non-fictitious narrative components do not mix. It’s a particular precarious tightrope walk when you’re dealing with something that could be a bit more amorphous, a little less tangible because of dealing principally with internals. “Dancing with Disruption will deepen your understanding of and the skills necessary for responding differently to times of upheaval in your life. It is an invitation to choose something unique and irreplaceable at such moments, a fuller expression of you,” Rossetti proclaims. “…I now understand on a deeper level how individual voices play the first and most critical part in broader change.

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As a lifetime advocate for equity, I can tell you that the book itself will not eliminate the injustices that I and others work hard to address in our world. What it can do is strengthen your voice, a necessary precursor to improving our lives as well as the policies and institutions that affect us all. 

Garth Thomas