It feels like summer is finally here after listening to the new Dallas String Quartet single “Sabor”. Featuring international Pianist Jesus Molina, “Sabor” is a deliciously exuberant stew of Spanish and Romanian hues. DSQ founder, Ion Zanca, delights the listener with the sharper, brooding strings, as his cohorts pepper in brighter wavelengths and modest ribbons. No words needed in this instrument-only tune. If you’re a fan of music that makes you feel alive and inspires you to let go, let the music take over – “Sabor” is right up your alley.


Zanca, who started DSQ in 2007, is originally from Romania. He moved to the States to attend Southern Methodist University (located in Dallas) and figured out that audiences couldn’t get enough of the quartet’s pop music covers. Fast forward to now and “Sabor” is in rare company. This original song is a culmination of masterful talent and a knack for knowing how to keep an audience on their toes. One moment you’re swept away into a soaring melody, and in the next second Zanca takes you by the hand and draws you into a stunning, bewitching waltz. Then, it’s back again to a more pop-flavored flow. Molina’s contributions are just as powerful and poignant. Though not as lavish, Molina’s conga drums are great grooves and elevate the timing of it all to a whole new level. I loved that dynamic and the force he brings into the sonic landscape.

The music video is just as colorful. Featuring the members of DSQ playing their instruments outside and what appears to be a nightclub, my favorite scenes were when they were in the Jeep riding around. For a moment it reminded me of a Juicy Fruit commercial – remember those? In the nightclub scene, the dancing is sensational and the outfits that the DSQ members have donned are flashy and sequined delights. They go from day ware, where t-shirts and jeans and the wind flowing in their hair, to black tie and evening dress. I think what struck me about the video is that this is a perfect depiction of the band. They can be real and approachable, and fun loving, or they can be proper and classy all-at-once.

DSQ is one band that continuously hits my radar. I’ve been listening to their cover of “Don’t Stop Now” (Dua Lipa) for a while now and loved seeing their name come across my inbox. They just have that special something, that ‘it’ factor to me. Maybe it’s the violins or the tempo. “Sabor” fills the air with love and joy. They don’t have to keep reinventing themselves – they have a solid, talented foundation. I often wonder what a band would sound like in concert and how much they might deviate from the ‘album’, and I can only surmise that DSQ is just as amazing live as they are on video and streaming. “Sabor” is frightfully good and if you’re on the fence about listening to an instrumental – don’t be. This song is one of 2021’s best-to-date. Hands down, “Sabor” is exceptional.

Garth Thomas