The intimate-sounding “Cruise” from exciting singer/songwriter Camille Rose is a wonderous mix of sultry beats and intoxicating flow. Rose captures the sonic blend that meets at the crossroad between jazz, pop music and soul. Her rapturous and exotic-like vocals have the listener completely in-tune to each and every seductive rhythm she exudes. Rose, who was born and raised in San Francisco, has a vintage charm in this track, but “Cruise” is perfectly and delightfully placed in the modern world. 


Our eyes lock and fate throws away the key, she sings. Her voice is a mixture of the timbre found in artists like Camila Cabello and Adele. I will say there’s a haunting, cinematic presence both in her vocals, as well as the way the tendrils of the music bed reach out into the atmosphere. A regal arrangement of hushed horns, opening up to a slick electronic beat and before you know, in the distance, you hear just the whisper of a melodic, electric guitar riff. It’s as if the sounds of the corner jazz bar will spill out into the busy streets, with Rose’s voice acting as a siren, beckoning the passer-byers to stop a while for a listen. 

Smooth, too, is the way that her voice melts into the lively music bed. It’s not the jump-jive-and-wail you might be looking for if you’re in search of a jazzy and heavy-brass sound. No, she’s far more polished and nocturnal with her sound. She holds the musical arrangement in, only to release the more emotional passions within her range. I closed my eyes and again envisioned that smoky haze of violets and blues, on an evening meant for feeling like you’ve been pushed aside once again. To me, the song is about being smitten, being electrified by a lover and only coming to realize that you’re second fiddle. You’re not the top choice. In the song, she’s cruising or just staying low and letting her mind wander until the relationship rekindles. And it will. You can cut the tension in certain moments and feel it intensely in her voice. That’s the thing about “Cruise” it tugs at your heart, drums into your mind and heart and leaves you wanting more. 


I felt like this was an open letter, a very personal revelation. “Cruise” might be caressed with cobalt beats, and a rhythm section that reflects an artist with a wide palette, but it’s uniquely ready for the big stages. I’m confident that Rose (who comes across as completely authentic) would be just as comfortable singing this song on an arena stage, or in front of an audience of one. I think both audiences would have the exact same connection. She takes the listener to a few places that feel electric and hypnotic. Like a great movie, you can barely blink, in the event you miss out on any of the action. She had my attention from the start and kept me entrenched in her communication. “Cruise” is a solid hit that delivers a definite rush. 

Garth Thomas