Blues and Pop merge on Bobby and The Crew’s Conqueror of Love. The results? A Pop song you want to play over and over again. Horns elevate this Single into an old world dance number you you want to be a part of. Conqueror of Love provides variety in a synth-centric genre, by opting for horns and percussion. It gives this track an identity of its own, creating a stand alone experience that makes Conqueror of Love a perfect Single. If you’ve been searching for a vacation from heavily mixed melodies you can’t afford to miss Conqueror of Love, or any track that Bobby and the Crew release.

Bobby and The Crew are an alternative rock group based out of Norway. They group was formed as a side project in 2009, as of 2021 Bobby and The Crew is a full-time project. Although they have alt rock origins, Bobby and The Crew are interested in exploring other genre’s. This fearlessness can be heard on an unapologetic like Conqueror’s of Love. Bobby and The Crew have no issues visiting other genre’s like Blues and Pop, two of many influences for the group. This keeps Conqueror of Love’s sound refreshing and innovative.

Impressive melodies collide with sultry vocals giving this song its deeply excitable aura. It’s been some time since a Pop song has made me want to perform a fully rehearsed dance routine in my living room. Alas, I found myself belting the lyrics “I will survive” that accompanies the prominent drums in the chorus (in my living room). The vocals on Conqueror of Love are delivered with such ease you get the feeling the song ends too soon. One of my favorite things about the production of Conqueror of Love, is the vocals pausing for the horns to have a solo. Bobby and The Crew gave us a song that demands that you envision the most magical party of your life. This inherent respect for the music gives Conqueror of Love the palpable feeling that live music evokes.

As of late, Pop trends are supplying us with dark and edgy melodies, often opting for moody synthesizers over uplifting instruments. It’s rare to find a song that seeks to make the listener feel good, this is another way that Conqueror of Love turns Pop on its head. It’s refreshing to listen to a song that is unique in its sound and does it professionally. This is an achievement for Bobby and The Crew. Conqueror of Love successfully proves that genre is an illusion. If you have the expertise and vision you can make a really good track that could inspire an album of its own.

Bobby and The Crew are a group to keep tabs on. There is something distinctive about their sound and energy that I haven’t heard in many other modern groups. Conqueror of Love brings sparks to the dead of Winter, giving us a zesty song you’ll want to share with all your friends who desperately need something to dance to. The confidence of Conqueror of Love has me wanting to hear everything Bobby and The Crew have already released and have me salivating for what’s to come. Don’t miss this song!

Garth Thomas

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