The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy goes where other works of its ilk do not. Dr. Chuck Bamford’s extended breakdown of the components and processes involved arriving at productive business strategy doesn’t seek the customary paint by numbers breakdown found in other books. There are no tidy and often inapplicable “ways” or “principles” you can implement substituting for the often involved and decidedly unglamorous toil reasoned business decisions demand from leaders. The issues are simple, but the answers never are and Bamford obviously believes anyone telling you different is a charlatan of sorts. He makes his case for this in a systematic and logical fashion informed by intelligence, practice, observation, and experience.


The intelligence comes across in a variety of ways. The line-by-line writing of The Strategy Mindset pushes back against the sort of dry examination of the subject Bamford has woven into textbooks in favor of a vigorous style capable of engaging readers and presenting ideas in a comprehensible way. Bamford assembles his materials in an intelligent way, as well, and aligns the book’s chapters in a way that makes sense for the reader and allows you to dip into the text at random and still be able to pluck out valuable information from the book. His presentation of research is another key ingredient in the book’s success. It isn’t difficult to establish connections between the myriad of ideas The Strategy Mindset explores and he unpacks information for readers in direct no nonsense fashion.

You can retrofit his advice and guidance about strategy for many companies. Bamford has worked with many over the course of twenty-five years and recognizes the universal elements all organizations share and benefit from. He knows what remedies are appropriate and how to shape course corrections to work with a host of situations and often-divergent personalities. Life often makes itself clear to us but we fail to glean lessons from those moments and, instead, fling ourselves blind into the future. Bamford isn’t like that. He has absorbed his observations and experiences in such a way he can illustrate paths forward for others they no longer see.

He cites a number of compelling examples to drive home his points. Three examples of that are the information he includes near the book’s conclusion about companies such as Papa John’s, Lowe’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts. He discusses concepts like action plans and business jargon in a way that makes them clear for even nonprofessional readers. The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy broaches every relevant area of this cornerstone to successful business management and you always feel like you are in capable hands with Bamford leading the way.


The second edition of Dr. Chuck Bamford’s work never overstays its welcome and, in this reviewer’s considered opinion, rates as the educator and author’s finest work yet. His deep feeling for the subject, his life’s study in some respects, ties in tight with a number of other strengths to make this an indispensible work for readers at every level.

Garth Thomas