The task to compose a new twist, an update to a Christmas song can be as tall as the tree at Rockefeller Center. And maybe it’s the job of a band based in Germany to release such a loving, inviting tribute to what Germans call Weihnachten. “Christmas Time For Everyone”, the new single from More Than Words is sung in English. A consuming song with magnificent harmonies and heart-filling lyrics, this song has so many wonderful moments that all add up to be a bountiful, charming tune.


You will want to go caroling along when this seasonal hit comes on the radio. It’s everything’s gonna be alright, it’s presents by the Christmas tree, it’s singing songs with my family, it’s kiss me underneath the mistletoe…let’s celebrate baby Jesus tonight, the three voices sing in the chorus. Isn’t that the exact reason we enjoy the spectacle that holiday songs bring us? Fun lyrics, a joyful tone and lots of harmonies. This song easily wraps it all into one perfect present. The three individual voices, bring the light into one. When they form one voice, the trio approach is beautiful. Underneath the voices, a keeper music track unveils itself into ribbons of folksy, earthy tones. In between the strands are emblems of country-quips and slightly spirited guitar riffs. To call this song strictly Christmas or holiday would be to dismiss it’s country/Americana/roots foundation. By the second or third listen, you start to realize that everything about this song feels right. It just fits and like every Hallmark movie that becomes addictive, it’s comfy. It’s home.

This song elevates the spirit of Christmas, and further cements More Than Words’ colorful contributions. More Than Words is comprised of ‘modern patchwork family’ Stephanie Hertel, her husband Lanny Lanner and daughter Johanna Mross. Hertel also boasts being a TV show host and has enjoyed a stellar solo career in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over 30 years. More Than Words toured with Bonnie Tyler (“Total Eclipse of the Heart”, “It’s A Heartache” and more) last year and plans to re-join Tyler and Gypsy Kings in 2021. Their harmonies in “Christmas Time For Everyone” are extraordinary, and other songs worth checking out in their discography include “Home” and “Good Day”.


The message comes across loud and clear – More Than Words have injected a shot in the arm when it comes to Christmas music. In their own way, they encapsulate the spirit of the season and package it like a snow globe. It’s all in there and while they don’t shake the globe too much, they bring all the consistencies we love about holiday music and turn it up just the right notch. So when it’s time to decorate the tree, add a bit more tinsel on that branch with “Christmas Time For Everyone” because the time calls for it. What’s one more. One more song. One more gift for Christmas 2020. More Than Words’ “Christmas Time For Everyone” is indeed for everyone and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Garth Thomas

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