It’s nearing ‘that time of year’ again and as the world moves to holiday mode, the music world easily flips the switch to sounds of Christmas past, carol of the bells and some new interpretations of standards. One song that jingles up the jangles is the EDM track “Christmas Festa”. Franchesco De Rosa, the EDM recording name of Frank Robinson, casts a wide net of invigorating rhythms, colliding rings and drops a beat or two. One doesn’t need lyrics to be sung to – “Christmas Festa” storyline is universal love.

In an Avicii-like presentation, “Christmas Festa” lays the groundwork for a flavorful music bed. If I close my eyes, I think of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy throws sand back on the final trap to remind him there is solid ground to cross. The idea of a dazzling, grainy blanket struck me in Franchesco De Rosa’s track. It’s of course, more Christmas like and has the magical facade of the favored holiday. The same ecstatic feeling of the holidays is thrown into the mood of this song – it’s awe inspiring. Visions of sugar plums danced in my head, oh, wait. No, really, I love that it has the word ‘fest’ in its title, because not only does it make you feel festive, it’s a festival of beats. Fans of Swedish house music – again, like Avicii – will like what they hear. It’s a blizzard of sounds and the beat drops way past midnight.

Franchesco De Rosa’s Spotify profile also includes the tracks “Babylon” and “Summertime”. He also records country music under the name Mountain Rio. Among Mountain Rio’s discography are the “Bobby and Jackie”, “Christmas Time Is Here Once Again” and “Rockabilly Christmas”. He seems to have found a niche, much like Jim Brickman, Lindsey Sterling, Andy Williams and more in releasing several holiday themed songs. Additionally, Robinson has penned several novels (children’s books and romance). “Christmas Festa” is the gift that keeps on giving. Riding the sonic waves, like the aurora borealis, it’s a Zen blizzard.

I loved the way this song made me feel – like taking in deep breaths and releasing all anxieties and worry. It feels like your hugging your best friend or the way you can only feel when you hug your grandma. It’s just an honest feeling. It definitely holds its weight, as do most EDM songs, that when you listen to this track, you feel immersed in the music, in the drowning upper echelons of imagination. He tops it off with some clinging, shiny beats and somewhat tinny tones. There are no limits to what you can dream up, what your mind can unravel in the storyline. Franchesco De Rosa offers that up and maybe that’s the ultimate gift. He connects the listener in a way that grows bigger with each listen. He gives his own heart, his own self into this track. Isn’t that the beauty, the magic of Christmas? I think he’s onto something, and let’s hope we keep hearing more.

Garth Thomas

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