I like Christie Trinwith as a writer. I like her in every way. It’s rare to have someone write about navigating the spin doctor nature of Hollywood who doesn’t feel like a spin doctor themselves. But Trinwith just cuts through the noise. The title of her book is even indicative of this – the plainspoken, simply worded Be a Real Model-Actor. Greetings, welcome to ‘BE A REAL MODEL-ACTOR’. Everyone is Welcome to A New Digital Revolution Conglobing, Uniting us to connect automatically to the largest, Most Powerful Entertainment Industry in the New Digital Media of the Century. In just seconds, Lightspeed be Prepared to be connected to the most Advance Networking with #1 Casting Directors on Award Winning Shows, Award Winning Directors, Auditions, Corporate models, Talent Agency,” she proclaims. Trinwith has a nice way with proverbial spectacle. But she’s straight-shooting and to-the-point, sometimes highlighting the absurdity and dreamlike quality of the pursuit of stardom in Tinseltown. There’s also something of a surprisingly soulful message in the text. The idea is that representation and a platform mandate an individual’s responsibility to make the world a more wholesome and altruistic place. To use said representation and platform for good, not for evil.

“…My Mission is to help build Future Generations, For our Nation and The Universal Salvation to become Divine,” Trinwith writes in aforementioned vein. From this, she’s able to articulate in step-by-step, bullet point-like prose the actual, on-the-ground methodologies and approaches for how to approach becoming influential in a town boasting a less than five percent success rate for anyone trying to break through the red carpets, celebrity echelons, infamous exclusivity, and arguably ‘iron curtain’ of auditions, capricious standards, and shifting priorities and mandated qualifications. 

Trinwith is a breath of fresh air when it comes to showing how it’s done. That’s to be seriously commended, for all the reasons highlighted above…

Keep an eye on the upcoming new edition of “Be a Real Model-Actor” this coming December. For now, check out the digital copy via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

BARNES AND NOBLE: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/be-a-real-model-actor-christie-trinwith/1138898368

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/BE-REAL-MODEL-ACTOR-CHRISTIE-TRINWITH-ebook/dp/B09XBZRYV2/ref=sr_1_1

Garth Thomas