The ultra modern stylings of People Of The Parallel and Neo New Wave vocals of Charley Young present the new single, “Werk.” Presumably a derivative of twerk, Charley and POTP, make their own attempt at a sort of double entendre. Charley has been especially busy in the last several months, and her collaboration with POTP is another day at the office. She recently released a cover of the classic New Order tune, “Bizarre Love Triangle.” She also squeezes in time for Acting when she gets a chance.


Based out of Pensacola, FL, Charley’s charm has Southern roots. Her ambition is well measured and her work ethic is tenable. People Of The Parallel are from Nashville, and are essentially the brainchild of Justin Michael Tellman. This isn’t the first time these two entities have come together and it’s unlikely to be the last. This union has proven to be an idiosyncratic one to say the least.

“Werk” is a spastic, and eclectic, but not quite disjointed affair. It doesn’t completely abandon anything that resembles a fundamental structure, but it isn’t above modifications. It feels like the track that might be playing as you’ve stumbled into a trendy club, you probably have no business being in. All cynicism aside, this just seems to be the work of artists who are a bit ahead of the curve. Charley and POTP have a way of pushing each other into unexplored territory.

You could make some comparisons to names like The Chemical Brothers, Guetta, or The Chainsmokers, but most aren’t overly accurate. “Werk” infiltrates the underground without conceding to the more impulsive traits of that scene. It’s sure to have a wide appeal, and thanks to the nature of EDM, its reach is greater than most. There’s a bit of mystery at the epicenter of the track, but mostly it just feels fun and a bit funky by Gen Z standards. You can dance to it or simply just vibe with it, and everything in between.

The vocal effects and arrangements on “Werk,” are somewhat head spinning. It’s as if The Avalanches embraced AI on an even more intimate level. The song doesn’t so much try to frame Charley as a starlet, as it makes her a vessel of time. That’s not to imply that this is an overtly dramatic piece. It doesn’t necessarily exist to rattle the senses, but simply to rouse them.

In closing, if you’re looking for something that’s a little different, but yet still immediate, “Werk” is for you. I found myself revisiting it, just to hear what Easter eggs I might have initially missed. As Charley Young’s profile continues to rise, she can’t be commended enough for stepping out and taking risks. As for POTP, they are sure to continue to push the envelope as they invest in the enduring commodity that is creativity. There’s also a music video for the track that goes a long way in enhancing the experience. “Werk” is now available for streaming and download.

Garth Thomas