Top Agency Used by Hollywood Elites Advises: How/When to Hire a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Spouse

There’s nothing more stressful and emotionally taxing than enduring marital problems—but what’s worse is when one partner suspects the other of being unfaithful.While communication and confrontation may be job-one, oftentimes, the best measure is to catch the spouse in the act. Many people who hire a private investigator to conduct professional surveillance are typically unfamiliar with the ‘protocol’ and have lots of
questions, from asset protection practices to surveillance expectations.

Andy Kay is the owner and founder of Kay and Associates Investigations, which he established in 1992 in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, Kay has become the go-to investigator for Hollywood elites and Fortune 500 companies. Kay and Associates Investigations specializes in all types of private investigations, domestically and internationally and has
experts in all fields of the industry. His agency is reputed as a leading resource for A-List Celebrities seeking surveillance and guidance specific to infidelity, child custody, working with law teams, and more.

“We help guide you, even down to the details of how to properly conduct yourself on social media while going through a custody battle,” says Kay.

Child Custody Cases
• Working with Law Teams
• Considering Asset Protection
• Background Checks for Families with Nannies or In-Home Help
• Reading Signs of Infidelity
• Similar Cases to Review
• Good Investigative Practices

“Infidelities are some of the most common cases that come across our desk. Over the past 28 years in business, we have watched cheaters’ tactics evolve with technology and the rapidly changing social landscape of the world today. What we have found is that while advances in technology have most definitely made it easier for cheaters to cheat, those same technological advances have also made them easier to catch. And we always catch them… Don’t spend days and nights worrying about your child. Get the information you need to pursue your child custody matter with our in-depth investigation services. ” Kay explains.

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