Coming from a place of agnosticism, I was intrigued to listen to Cameron Joseph’s new single “Run to the Cross.” What I discovered was a powerful and moving soft-rock Christian song with a country-rock tinge. Joseph’s fantastic, deep vocals are reminiscent of Chris Daughtry’s, which adds to the emotional impact of the song.


The lyrics of “Run to the Cross” are authentic and heartfelt. The message is clear: when life gets tough, turn to God. The chorus, “When I’m knocked down, I’ll run to the cross, and Father I know you bear the cost; you said it’s done and love finally won, so here I am, Jesus, I run to the cross,” is a simple but powerful reminder that God is always there for us, no matter what we are going through. It’s a message that anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, can relate to, and Joseph’s presence on the track marks his potential as an artist in new music in general, not just in the Christian rock scene.

What sets Cameron Joseph apart from other Christian artists is his unwavering commitment to his faith. He served in the Air Force for 8 years, exemplifying the Airmen’s Creed to be a guardian of freedom and justice while completing his BS in Organizational Leadership at the University of Houston. After feeling called by God to use his musical gifts to serve others, he has dedicated himself to sharing the story of Christ through his music. It’s a dedication that shines through in “Run to the Cross,” and it’s admirable even to those who do not share his beliefs.

In terms of musical style, “Run to the Cross” reminds me of other Christian rock groups like Switchfoot and Needtobreathe. Cameron Joseph’s sound is unique, however, and he is making a name for himself in the Christian music industry. I was impressed by the quality of the production and the instrumentation in the song. The guitars and drums complement Joseph’s vocals perfectly, creating a powerful and memorable sound.

What struck me most about Cameron Joseph’s music is his commitment to his faith. As I said, I’m an agnostic and I do not entirely share his beliefs, but I cannot help but be moved by his passion and sincerity. His dedication to serving others and sharing the story of Christ through his music is admirable, and it shines through in “Run to the Cross.” The way that music is able to convey something that is far beyond religion, reaching into the world of spirituality above anything else is exactly what makes music so powerful. Where words fail, music succeeds.


I would highly recommend “Run to the Cross” to anyone who enjoys Christian rock music or is looking for a powerful and moving message of hope. Cameron Joseph’s deep vocals and authentic lyrics make this a standout song in the genre. Even as an agnostic, I found myself drawn in by Joseph’s musical presence and commitment to his faith. “Run to the Cross” is a testament to the power of music to connect people and bring them closer to something greater than themselves.

Garth Thomas