Bobby And The Crew are an amazing 4 piece act from Norway, with a bright sound and a wide open road ahead of them. With just a modest body of work so far, it’s worth noting just how quickly they have established their sound. They describe themselves as Pop Rock, which based on their latest single, is an accurate self assessment. With comparisons to bands like Blondie and Heart, Bobby And The Crew have big shoes to fill. Luckily, they seem to have the talent, poise, and ambition to make the most of their current wave of momentum.

“Prince Of Charm” is the most recent single from Bobby and friends. It’s a Dance Rock track that is candy to the ears, but doesn’t disregard the mind either. The song tells a relatively cohesive story and even possesses some character definition. Told from a female perspective, “Prince Of Charm” is something of a caustic title. The Prince in topic in this case, is neither noble or charming, according to the lead singer.

There’s something of a runway feel to “Prince Of Charm.” There’s nothing to indicate that Bobby And The Crew are associated with the world of fashion, but this song may just allow them to be. Retro and with a tinge of innocence, this song feels rather timeless. Musically, it’s a different world over in Norway, most likely an EDM world. Therefore, in a roundabout manner, Bobby And The Crew are going against the grain in their homeland as well.

Time passes and time ticks on/I’m still hanging on/Time passes and time ticks on/tomorrow I’ll be gone. There’s the implied allegory of a frog to a prince tie in to this piece, but vaguely so. In this story, the damsel won’t be sticking around long enough to find out. “Prince Of Charm” is essentially a breakup song with a laundry list of cited reasons. You can’t help but feel a little bad for our would be prince, but then you realize he’s brought much of this on himself.

As far as arrangements are concerned, “Prince Of Charm” is pragmatic but also jovial. This won’t be a statement piece for Bobby And The Crew, but it should be a fun addition to their live shows. For being such a relatively new band, their social media numbers are impressive, particularly on YouTube. There’s actually a rather hilarious video for “Prince Of Charm,” that is embarrassingly simple and literal, but no less entertaining. No one can accuse Bobby And The Crew of not having a sense of humor, and/or taking themselves too seriously.

For people who resonate with the style, Bobby And Crew are worth keeping up with. You can just sense that we haven’t seen their best, yet, and their best is going to be spectacular. Not only are they talented musicians, but they are pro level songwriters. They have come out of the gates with just the right amount of sizzle, swagger, and attitude to match their coed sound. Look for “Prince Of Charm,” wherever you can stream or download music.

Garth Thomas

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