The word Adjustment and all of its derivations decorate the current, corporate landscape. Making products and services malleable for the average consumer has become paramount in the commercialized field. This is part of why an enterprise like Bluewill, a recently founded North American e-commerce platform, stands out for polished, effective design as much as it does for being representational of current and likely enduring commercialized trends. Bluewill is all about adjustment, just as it is all about simplicity. Its overall goal is straight-forward: enabling you, the customer, access to discounted sales for high-quality products, as well as specified ‘sets’ and product packages tailored to aspects of your standard, daily schedule.

These range from anything related to exercise routines, to accessory items for one’s home office, to sports & recreation-related items, to construction tools for home maintenance. While representative of the aforementioned, current trends, there’s something specifically inspired about Bluewill’s design courtesy of the aftereffects of Covid-19. The stressing on home and hearth in the company’s marketing materials is wholly evident of this. The writing is paternalistic and deliberately comforting with its sloganing, displaying an emphatic focus on the featured accessories being geared towards improving you and your life.

There isn’t an overall stress on product performance, despite factual subtextual assurances to the contrary. Everything is made personal, and everything is made local. Your hypothetical presence in Bluewill’s customer mix is front and center in every articulation, every descriptor, and even every featured item design.


Bluewill is off to a promising start with its current featured plans. But the fun really lies in watching the company’s continued expansion through the next couple of years. An auspicious beginning, particularly in today’s climate, likely will yield longstanding premium results in the days that follow. The race to the top has become far fuzzier, far more ambiguous, and to a certain extent even semi-unpredictable due to unforeseen cataclysmic events both at home and internationally. Add to this continued technological innovation – surpassing typical, statistical predictions. The list goes on. While the downside to a lack of clarity is an ever-shifting, anarchic corporate landscape with respect to three hundred and sixty degree longevity, the upside is that the possibilities going forward are virtually limitless.

To succeed in today’s corporate and customer-fueled landscape, one needs to be in a constant, ever-changing state of evolution. While consistency in image and branding continue to be the building blocks of a company’s public endurance, the parts holding up said image and branding have to be ever-shifting, an amalgam of consumer feedback, company policy changes, and overhauls based on acute monitoring of developing social attitudes. The idea of big business being the villain turned the eighties metropolis concept on its head, forcing many endeavors to temper the standard fast pace of the rat race with a holistic branch or outreach to soothe the corporate naysayers. Now there has been an actual marriage between both ideologies established, companies like Bluewill exciting reminders and predictors of what a postmodern, consumerist society can entail…

Garth Thomas