Billy Gaines’ songs are infused with many of the finest qualities we hear in classic pop music. There’s something more in Gaines’ work, however. It’s spiritual exhilaration, tempered in the case of his latest single “There Will Come a Day”, but it nonetheless takes definite shape within this performance. It’s a message alive to the possibilities of knowing a life with God and deriving strength from that faith. Gaines’ new song is alive, as well, with inspiration. He shares his spiritual side with listeners in such an open-hearted fashion that even non-believers will enjoy his work.


“There Will Come a Day” definitely has a sound that draws you in. Anyone expecting deep southern gospel may be disappointed by the song’s predominantly R&B/pop musical direction, but it doesn’t cheapen his songwriting. It’s a smart move in many respects as wrapping his lyrics in such a broad and all-encompassing style further sweetens the subject matter. It likewise provides Gaines, as well, with a complimentary arrangement he can exploit to its fullest potential.

Gaines has the skillset for pulling off such a feat. He’s a two-time Dove Award winner with an over a four-decade career. He’s maintained his presence through albums, live performances, television, and radio but, more importantly, long ago “crossed over”. Christian Contemporary, gospel, whatever you want to call it, isn’t a label that easily defines his gifts. “There Will Come a Day” has musical excellence and a message anyone can connect with.

The arrangement has a cumulative effect. “There Will Come a Day” begins in a relatively stripped back fashion before expanding its range. It continues evolving. Gaines’ support is capable and makes important contributions to the final result, but the intermittent backing vocals and piano are integral to making “There Will Come a Day” a complete listening experience. The latter, specifically, gives us a likely glimpse into the song’s origins. The production does a good job blending the song’s light synthesizer sheen into the track. It acts as another sort of foundation for the song, divorced from the rhythm section, but pumping welcome color into the song.

It’s optimistic without being unrealistic. Gaines’ song acknowledges life’s struggles without dwelling on or glossing over them and points towards a day to come rather than dwelling in the past. You can that in his tone and phrasing. Gaines lights up a room with his voice, never pushing too hard on listeners, and the production emphasizes the expressiveness of his singing without ever drawing attention away from his words.


Gaines has tailored the song for the moment as well. Darkness has been a constant companion or looming threat for many of us since early 2020 and other world events since then have seemingly clouded the future more. Songs dispelling the haze and allowing us to refocus ourselves on living our best lives are always essential, but particularly now. Billy Gaines has long experience providing that for his listeners and “There Will Come a Day” shows his power of invoking such moments remains as intact as ever.

Garth Thomas