Today marks the release of Betty Moon’s tenth studio album, Little Miss Hollywood, featuring 10-tracks spanning the stylistic spectrum, from tangs of punk to glistening electro-pop, along with elements of pop-rock, indie-rock, funk, and compelling dance savors.

Throughout her career, Betty has never stopped innovating, which explains why last year she received Grammy nominations in four categories, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year. In the late ‘80s, she formed a stripped-down punk band called Bambi, which released an album, Rock On. The music video for the title track, Bambi’s version of David Essex’s song, turned up on a number of prominent outlets, including MTV, while the self-produced, homemade album sold circa 10,000 copies. For all intents and purposes, Bambi sold 10,000 records out of a station wagon.

When A&M heard the news, they approached Betty and signed her to a recording contract, resulting in her self-titled album. Then Polygram swallowed up A&M, and Betty found herself on the shelf. So Betty started Violet Records, gave artificial respiration to a sound studio, and made music on her terms.

In 2005, she established Evolver Music. Initially a boutique label, Evolver rapidly evolved into a big deal, expanding into artist development and music video production. Since then, Betty has been hitting it hard, releasing bestselling albums and sharing the stage with heavyweights like Marilyn Manson, Steve Aoki, and The Offspring.

Little Miss Hollywood opens with the title track, traveling on a percolating electro-pop melody flavored with alt-rock zest and hints of dance music. Highlights include “Did It For Nothing,” which features cool soul aromas conveyed on gleaming alt-pop textures. Contrasting deep thrumming tones give the track both light and dark energy.

“Find A Love” delivers low-slung sensuous vocals on top of glossy electro-pop colors fused with dance-lite throbbing momentum. Betty’s voice exudes luscious retro timbres, imbuing the lyrics with velvety voluptuous essence.

A personal favorite, “Don’t Stop Now,” also released as a single under the title “Dead Out Of Love,” pumps out hefty guitars riffs riding an ear-grabbing rhythm full of beaucoup erotic brio.

Little Miss Hollywood embodies Betty Moon doing what she does best – delivering infectious, charismatic music, at once glamorous and swaggering.

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