Beth Bell’s new book title doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a pretty open-and-shut case for the sophomoric, unsophisticated mind when a book is forwardly titled Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics: Unraveling the Mind to Unveil Illusions. Luckily though, in pursuit of the widest possible audience, Bell is not without a sense of humor.


“When my parents read a draft of this book, they questioned—with compassion and concern—whether publishing it was a good idea. Around the same time, my boyfriend emphatically stated, ‘Why can’t you just be normal, stop writing this book, and go back to a corporate job?’ We broke up the next day, as he could no longer support my ‘alternate Universe’,” she writes. “I’d broken through and wasn’t going to let anyone hold me back from showing others a way out of the old paradigm, where fear is greater than love…

From the cast of characters on my journey, you’ll see how deeply and blindly I loved. At times I unknowingly sacrificed my desires, soul, and self-expression to fit a mold created by beliefs. I was driven by the idea of having a confidant to build my life with, share my soul with, and count on for years to come. My life was running third-dimensional programs, and it wasn’t until these beliefs and thought constructs started to dismantle that the illusions were unveiled…My desire had always been to write a book on wisdom: the five pearls, three tips, or something profound based on experiential knowledge that could help others on their journey. Although my inner soul guidance was clear, it didn’t stop me from shuddering when my mind surfaced with seeds of doubt…I realized that we all have an innate fear that the truth will be revealed and others will take advantage of our most vulnerable moments…”

The aforementioned passage is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the narrative’s surprising, understated craft. Bell knows her topicalities are not for everyone, and there’s no denying a certain choir will best understand the song. But the fact she’s willing to be so generous of spirit, let alone in some ways fearless, only draws potential naysayers and those turned off by her straightforwardness in closer.


This is so even when Bell makes things painfully, honestly personal. “My awakening has been the greatest gift to unwrap and is still in progress after twenty-plus years of accelerated deep-diving into expanded states of consciousness,” Bell writes. “I’ve repeated some lessons over and over until I finally embodied the wisdom of how to leverage my mind and let Spirit drive. Uncovering these intricately woven storylines allowed the facade of ‘who I think I am’ to drop away and my inner wisdom to prevail. I see my relationships to the external world differently by recognizing that they are designed by me to allow me to learn great lessons.

Sorting through the many experiences ‘called in’ for growth requires deep inner work and bravery. It’s an ongoing practice to be in this world, but not of it.”

Garth Thomas