These days we do almost everything online. The internet is a versatile tool for communication, business, events and a host of other things. But asides buying things online, people find love on the internet as well. While online dating has been around for a while, transgender dating is a relatively new niche. This means there are still a few conventional dating sites that can be considered as transgender-friendly. Some dating sites are also exclusively for transgender men and women searching for love and for those that are looking for sex partners. Go here for a list of some of them

These sites serve as a connection point for trans people looking for romance, casual relationship and long term partners. Straight men and women attracted to trannys can also get on these sites to hook up with transgender partners. However, like everything else on the internet, it takes some research to find the best. While there are numerous dating sites, not every one of them offers the best of user experience or have favorable policies. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a transsexual dating site or application. 

  • Privacy: this is an essential feature in any dating sites. No one wants a site that is continuously leaking out private user data without authorization from the user. Most advanced chat apps now use advanced end to end technology to keep messages truly private. 
  • Price:  there are both free and paid transgender dating sites. You must check to see if the site or application you intend to sign up for is free or not. Some sites are also free to access but provide additional services and extra premium features for an added fee. Although everyone loves free things, you tend to get more value for things you pay for too. So choose wisely. 
  • Target population: the age range of people qualified to be on a dating site varies from site to site. Check out the age bracket of the users of a dating site before signing up for it. Some sites also place restrictions on certain gender or target specific geographical areas of fields of professional.  

These are a few of the factors to consider when choosing a transgender dating site. The things to look out are not limited to the ones above. We have selected some of the best transgender dating sites for you based on these criteria and many others. 

1. Adult friend finder

This site is highly recommended for people who do not like to be held down to one person for a long time. If you prefer fling relationship to deep one, then you should consider the adult friend finder site. It gives priority to its user’s information so you can be sure of the safety of your date. Adult Friend Finder has been around for years and there has never been a case data loss. There are currently up to 77 million users on this site which gives you a quite large pool of options to choose form. This site is really one of the best options for casual dating. It is not free though so you might want to watch out for that.

  1.  Zoosk

Zoosk uses a behavioral matchmaking algorithm to help users find someone that will match their likes and dislikes. This is one of the reasons why the app is much loved by young people. It has been around for up to 12 years and has remained highly popular among transsexual singles looking for love. The site is well organized and has a large pool of members across various age ranges and geographical location. 

Zoosk is integrated with popular social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook. This makes it easier to find friends or dates. You can also be assured of contact with genuine members and not just automated bots like many dating sites. Signing up on Zoosk is free. You can set up your profile, find a match and communicate with them in different ways without paying a penny. But, messaging is an option available for only paid members. So, you will need to upgrade your membership account to enjoy this feature.

Click here for a detailed review of the Zoosk app by Mashable. 

  1. welcome people with different gender and sexual orientations. It is a good choice for singles seeking a partner irrespective of their gender and sexual orientation. This site made this list because it has established a network in over 25 countries of the world, and also has over 30 million users from different countries. The match site sends a list of potential matches to your inbox every 24 hours, using a database that filters according to location, age, gender, sexual orientation, and personality type. Your chances of finding true love on this site are quite high. However, more cool features are available only to premium users who pay for access.

  1.  BeNaughty

This is another great site for singles and married people who love to keep things secret. BeNaughty is a haven for adventurous souls.  It is recommended for people who love to try the news thing like casual dates and fling. Needless to say, there are several singles as well as married individuals on this website Given its liberal nature, BeNaughty is a transgender-friendly platform. You can sign up on this website for free, update your profile which gives member reasons to connect with you and also find a partner. The site is fast-growing with a growth rate of an average of 40,000 new members every week. With its Flirtcast feature, you can message various users at once every 12 hours. You can easily access this site through its mobile app.

  1.  Friend finder-X

The friend finder-X is a dating site suitable for those that love to engage in casual dating and one-night stands. It is a good platform for transgender and transsexual singles to find a partner. The friend Finder-X helps to secure members’ privacy and identity.  This site has zero-tolerance on spreading hate or transphobic behavior and defaulters are banned for any such activities. This makes the Friend finder perfect for transgender people in search of love and relationship.

Its search algorithm provides potential matches according to your appearance, personality, and sexual orientation. You can only browse through members’ profile with a free membership account. But, you will have pay to get access to communicate to your desired match.


As acceptance continues to grow at a gradual pace, the list of transgender dating sites continues to grow. These are just a few of the many options available for transgender people looking for love or heterosexual individuals interested in dating a transgender. You can easily find a match on any of the sites above whether you desire a fling or long term relationship.