“The worst curse in life is unlimited potential.” (Ken Brett)

High expectations come with being labeled “the next Mickey Mantle.”

But once the media or an organization utters that phrase, it becomes an albatross.

The expectation is that the player will become one of the greatest players of all time—not a good player, not even a star—a superstar of the brightest magnitude.

Every player, however, feels the pressure of high expectations. Author Barry Sparks gives listeners a close look into the dynamic challenges some players had trying to meet goals and expectations of others. The physical and psychological struggles that these players faced is an aspect of the game we don’t hear enough about.

Some of the players featured in this book went on to have solid careers. Others were mediocre, some were disappointments or complete busts. One or two may even be headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Most of them, unfortunately, never had the benefit of a sports psychologist to help.

Even though Mickey Mantle was the gold standard for superstars, it took him five frustrating years to reach that level. In this book, find out which players who were tabbed “the next Mickey Mantle” could overcome what sportswriter Bob Hertzel called “the curse of talent and the burden of potential.”

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Search for the Next Mickey Mantle: From Tom Tresh to Bryce Harper,” written by author Barry Sparks and narrated by Kevin Scollin. 

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