He’s made of Lego bricks, stands six feet two inches, has broad shoulders and a cleft chin just like his creator, Doctor Lance Ziegel. In fact, Lego Me is Lance’s twin, a duplicate nearly indistinguishable from his maker.

Lego Me goes through subtle changes: an upturned mouth, a drooping shoulder, a shifty eye. Then, the impossible happens. He comes to life. Lego Me walks and talks just like Lance. Friends and colleagues can’t tell them apart. How is this possible? Lego men are not alive; they’re not aware. And yet, Lego Me has a mind of his own. In a devious twist, the servant becomes the master and steals Lance’s identity, his job, and his girlfriend. Lance is disposable.

Lance is left teetering on the brink of madness. Was he imagining things? Had the world lost its collective mind? Lance must delve into science, technology, and the metaphysical realm to find his true identity. Can he reclaim his life, or will he always be left wondering, “Is it me, or is it Lego Me?”

“Lego Me” is a fun, creative twist on the classic science fiction, horror genre. Fans of mad scientists, monsters, and cyborgs will love “Lego Me.”

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