“ I saw the angel in the marble and carved it until I set him free”… Michelangelo

One of the most talented “rock” artists of modern day is Ukrainian born, Brooklyn based Tatiana Alexa Horoshko but Taty as she signs all her rock n roll portraits. She is an artistic visionary and a rock star idealist. Her portraits possess the warmth of whatever character she paints and she seems to conjure to life the essence of the soul right before your eyes. 

Her seductive alchemy of art transforms private language into a narrative of truth. She asks us to surrender to the illusions of veracity. Her textures and color lead us into a vibrant tapestry of life. She furnishes us with the sparkle and without her dazzle you might as well be confined to a darkened room with the doors closed. 

Originally a refugee escaping the Socialist Soviet Union regime Taty and her family came to the US. She studied at the National Art Academy in Kiev and then at Parsons School of design in NYC. Following that she joined the New York City art community, and painted portraits on the streets of Greenwich Village. …After working in Italy for a period of time, she returned to the US where she met her mentor, Frances Rappaport, the creator and designer of Francesca of Damon, a luxury brand. She had a great influence on her creativity, artistry, and destiny.

Her paintings are brave and unique. She is not afraid to be honest, and to be herself showing her character’s human side and creating sensitivity, openness, and trust. Her paintings are charismatic and larger than life. Her paintings have Hollywood endings. Good humor and optimism matters, although we cannot write the rules of life, sometimes resilience matters most of all. Her pictures make sure that the past is never lost to us. Her paintings carry us every step of the way, it is within our body, our soul. It is where we have been, it is where we make  mistakes, and where we can fix them. There are moments where the world seems to pause and in its perpetual spinning  and the minutes are suspended. 

In the words of Taty “Today I am fully dedicated to my passion of painting portraits. When I create a portrait, I emotionally connect with the soul of my object and become them…. so from the canvas it is actually looking at a soul or spirited person.”….Taty