A cool breeze and a stellar beat, the new single “Are You Ready” from Justin Murta featuring Charlie Barrale, Ovylarock is from Murta’s album Fairytale. Feeling like a castaway on a happening, remote island, “Are You Ready” is a nonstop groove. The jet-setting Murta continues to make his mark on the international audience – “Are You Ready” is a glimpse of the DJ’s impressive instinctual talents.

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A resident of Seattle, Washington and one-time Seattle Emerging Artist Award Winner, Murta creates an excitement from the first dropped beat. “Are You Ready” asks several questions in its lyrics  – are we really here? So are you ready? I said are you ready to really open your eyes? The sun bursting beats rally around the vocals, like a confetti and ribbons. We only have us, the vocals proclaim. The vocals sound very centered and lively. I felt like the music spun around the vocals like a dizzying firecracker. The vocals reminded me of Jay Sean (“Down”), warm and an instant rapport.

At the same time, the cascading beats act as an overlay. It’s like the way the light shimmers on a lawn ornament at sunrise; the sonic waves turn over, and over. To escape into this song is to be engulfed in a myriad of emotional highs. It’s a feverish high and a calm, cool, collected high. If you’re not listening to the words, you feel unstoppable. You feel invincible. If you do get swept up into the lyrics, your start to open your eyes even more. You feel like you seeing clearer, you’re more awake to all the sensory provocateurs around you. That’s what I liked most about “Are You Ready” – the positivity and the clarity. It’s euphoric but not so much that you tire out quickly…Murta paces the listener with the driving beats and sonic echoes. The expansive world of light and fused rhythms and cadence is unending. To not dance to this song would be a crying shame. I think it’s more than a dance song, though, as it transcends into deeper meanings on each listen. I think it’s a call to action to have listeners celebrate life. Murta, who has enjoyed overseas success in South East Asia, is eternally upbeat.

Fans of early 2000s EDM and mixes will want to check out “Are You Ready”. So much of this sound is exasperatingly fun. I think hardcore trap fans will dig it, but it might be a bit too mainstream for them. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect sound to escape into and feel like you’re at your best. I love music that makes you feel like you can achieve what Murta is dishing out. “Are You Ready” is also the perfect warm-up or last final push during a workout. It’s a transformative song that just oozes flashing neon. “Are You Ready” is the song to turn to when you’re feeling low are even when you’re not – Murta’s magic is unfolding before our very eyes. He’s definitely one to have on your radar.

Garth Thomas

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