When it comes to business or any service that you provide to your clients, it is absolutely crucial to make sure you have a positive impact on your clients. Everybody knows that it’s important to impact your clients, but rarely do people know how to do that. People like Karla Dennis can show you how to have a powerful impact on your clients. Karla Dennis is one of the most successful, famous, and impactful tax advisors in the United States. She is the CEO of her own firm,  Karla Dennis and Associates Inc., a top-class tax advisory, accounting, and business services firm. The New York Weekly Times recently listed her among the top 12 most inspirational women to look up to in 2022. Karla has been featured in many media outlets, including but not limited to Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and Smart Money. 

Not many people know that the Karla Dennis we know today once worked in fast-food restaurants. She raised herself from that stage to now being the best tax advisor in the United States. The reason why she garnered such immense success is that she knows how to deal with her clients. Here are four ways in which Karla impacts her clients. Consider these as Karla’s 4 tips on how to impact your clients. 

  1. The Three Cs

For Karla, the most important thing about running a successful business is connecting with your clients. Karla is a firm believer in the Three Cs. She believes that you cannot deeply connect with your clients unless you really believe in and follow the three Cs, i.e., Communication, Clarity, and Confidence. Karla regards these three Cs as her core values. 

Let’s break it down for you. The first thing, of course, is to communicate efficiently with your client. There must be a way for your clients to reach out to you, discuss their issues with you, and ask questions. Karla Dennis regularly engages with her clients on her Instagram page, @karladennisinc. If there is a wall between you and your clients, you wouldn’t be able to connect with them, and thus you wouldn’t be able to impact them. However, just communication is not the point. Your communication must be very clear and unambiguous. During her communications, Karla provides clarity and transparency to her clients. Last but not least, you must be able to convince your clients to have confidence in your abilities. For that, you need to be really careful about your work. Karla never guesses what a client should be doing; she takes the time to run scenarios and really vets out their situation.

  • Integrity

Karla believes that if you do not engage honestly with your clients, there is no way you can have a positive impact on them. You may be able to fool them once or twice, but integrity is absolutely crucial in order to have a long-term connection with them. 

  • Transparency

Karla lets her clients know what they can expect from working with her and her firm and what they can expect for the long term. She believes that it is very important that you do not tell the clients what they want to hear but tell them what they need to know to make informed decisions. They must be aware of the way you operate your business or service. The lack of adequate transparency, Karla says, is synonymous with the lack of impact. 

  • Trust

Of course, trust is quintessential for any relationship, whether professional or otherwise, to work. Karla gains the trust of her clients by being honest and realistic with them. Karla believes that you cannot achieve the trust of your clients if you really don’t care about them. When she advises clients regarding tax-related issues, she tells them that taxes are not just about the numbers; they are also about everything that is going on in their lives. She doesn’t want her clients to filter information but to see her as a trusted advisor to help them navigate where they are going.