Adam Camm spent several years fronting for Halloween Jack before he released his first solo venture in 2021. His debut EP Echo Chamber got good reviews on Pitch Perfect and he returns with his debut album Mirror Mirror which we are excited to take a look at. Camm’s sound has a great psychedelic feel and I am reminded of both Pink Floyd and The Beatles. The fuzz factor is on high and I liked how Camm utilizes reverb just like another instrument on this album. 

Mirror Mirror begins with “Feel The Fuzz,” where some heavy synths and guitars come in and I immediately get a psychedelic vibe. This recording felt very busy and noisy. Once the vocals enter, it certainly clinches this. This was a reverb-drenched track with some really great fuzz factor. More fuzz and guitars come in with a great appeal on “Feel It.” I liked the poppy sounds here. Camm sings with attitude and sass here which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was some doowop to the sounds. The retro sounds were really great. I also thought the percussion here was lively. Some sparse keys enter the sounds here for a great retro vibe. The tune meanders for a bit. Next, some drums and more comes in along with Camm’s reverb-drenched vocals. Camm sounds like he’s singing far away from the mic, which gives off an echo-y vibe. I was reminded of British punk acts here. I also really enjoyed his delivery here. 

Some Disney-sounding synths come in at the start of “Mirror Mirror.” Next, some lively percussion and guitars cut in and out. The sounds here were really unique and interesting. I liked how the artist uses different elements to draw listeners in. Some rumbling bass and psychedelic guitars come through on “Skeletons On The Shelves.” The combined vocal harmonies sound really dynamic. I liked this cool-sounding track which I thought was a great listen. It had an eerie but also fun vibe which I loved. Starting off with some lounge keys and percussion, “La Chat Noir” had a smooth appeal. I loved the cool jazzy vibes here. I immediately felt myself relaxing to the soothing tones. 

On “Please Sincerely Mr. Jones,” some stripped back keys and synths come into this recording. Next, Camm’s vocals arrived and I was reminded more of The Beatles. I loved the retro sounds here. On “Devil In The Detail,” some radioactive guitars come into the mix for a revved sound. Next, Camm’s distorted vocals arrive. His vocals sound slightly robotic. Camm nearly shouts out his vocals for an enthused performance. Some synths come in on “Abandoned.” Eventually, the hazy and dream-like instrumentals come in for a great psychedelic sound. Camm’s vocals are a low rumble here as he belts out the lyrics. There are tons of moods and feelings. I thought this was a moving send-off from the artist. 

Overall, Camm has a great sound. In the mix, with his psychedelic vibe, there’s tons of mood and melody. The artist certainly rocks out on certain points in the album, which I thought was great. The rawness and authenticity of these tracks point to how great he would sound live. With that in mind, if you can’t catch a show in the near future, you can appreciate his album in the meantime.

Garth Thomas