Michelin star chef Ryan Tate is at the helm of Woodstock’s newest fine dining restaurant and for him, the location of Millstream Tavern, brings his culinary journey full circle. This is the latest eatery by renowned New York restaurateur/partner Jenny Oz LeRoy and owner Dallas Gilpin of
Shale Hill Hospitality Group, and is located in a historic 18th century mill house at the Woodstock Golf Club. Chef Tate says his culinary inspiration came from spending time on a golf course.

“I was a cart boy at a local golf course, and would help with some of the very grand looking club dinners and events. It inspired me to pursue my love of cooking, and now all these years later, I am running a kitchen at a restaurant located on a golf course.”

Chef Tate was previously executive chef at Deer Mountain Inn, and before that, co-chef and partner at The Crimson Sparrow in Hudson, NY. He earned his coveted Michelin Star as chef and partner of Tribeca’s eponymous Le Restaurant, where he earned rave reviews including a coveted 2* from the New York Times.

He says his latest venture brings a mix of classic tavern fare as well as elevated fine dining options in a stunning location at Woodstock Golf Club overlooking the Sawkill Creek: “The goal for us at Millstream Tavern is to recreate what it might be have been like to eat in a private country club in the 1980s. I have put my own creative spin on some classic dishes such as
Lobster Thermidor, Cobb Salad, Steak Tartare and Beef Wellington – a kind of throwback and homage to an age when fine dining was first becoming a bit more accessible to everyone.”

When asked to share his favorite menu item at Millstream Tavern, however, Chef Tate chooses something a little more simple: “I have to say that I love our hand made potato chips served with an onion dip infused with truffle oil. To me it combines simplicity with a touch of high brow.”

As well as being Executive Chef at Millstream Tavern, Chef Tate is also the wine curator, and says both the food and the bar reflect a strong and unwavering commitment by his team to sourcing and using local quality ingredients. “We are following our dedicated practices in regard to sourcing not only local, but the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. We are a part of this community in Woodstock and the farming community as a whole is a big part of my ethos as a chef. The bar is no different and so we are working with some small batch wine producers and will also offer a variety of local Hudson Valley brews.”

For restaurant co-owner Jenny Oz LeRoy, food is not only her passion but is in her veins. Her father Warner LeRoy owned and operated some of New York City’s most iconic eateries including Tavern on The Green, Maxwell’s Plum, and The Russian Tea Room, and after his untimely passing, she took control of these and other legendary restaurants at the age of just 22.
She sees Millstream Tavern as the continuation of her culinary journey in the Hudson Valley:

“Millstream is kind of like Tavern on the Green for me in so many ways. It is housed in an original old working mill from the 1700s surrounded by nature, streams, bridges, and huge trees that are hundreds of years old. Tavern on the Green in Central Park was located in a building
originally used to house sheep, and was also surrounded by nature, water, bridges and huge old trees. I think I am drawn to the history of these buildings and to bringing new life into them coupled with an incredible dining experience.”

She highlighted menu items like Chef Ryan’s deconstructed Cobb Salad – describing it as “sensational”, but her own favorite is a duck liver paté: “It is so good that I had this on my birthday – instead of a cake – and wouldn’t share it with anyone else.”

For co-owner Dallas Gilpin, this unique waterfront location is “super magical” and she believes her team has not just renovated the building, but has managed to put back its warmth and glory. “To take this old charming wonderful building and then put this wonderful food in it really reflects
the values of our hospitality group and the emotions we want people to feel.

We wanted a restaurant where diners can enjoy higher end classic comfort food with Chef Ryan’s unique twist,” she says. The restaurant, located at 114 Mill Hill Road, in Woodstock, is currently open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday. It will shortly launch a full weekday lunch and dinner menu as well as an extensive weekend brunch menu.