Beate Nimsky has been a successful entrepreneur for 3 decades, supporting companies and their executives by implementing her methods on over 500 customer projects with competence analysis tools to develop leadership and sales skills. 

Beate is now creating a new company that will combine her over 30+ years of experience with her co-founder Jef Welch who has a background in Finance.

Leadership and energy work combined with Finance.

Biotonus is a company focused on the body, energy, and flow.

Beate and Jef have the vision to empower people to live wealthy, healthy and happy, regardless of the restrictions they may think is keeping them from accessing this quality of life.

The bulk of their products is built on the laws of the universe, with a heavy emphasis on Beate’s specialty in personality development.

Biotonus has also been working on products that actually do produce healthy lifestyles.

It’s important to understand that the Universe is not empty space, it’s full of information that you can access.”

Beate says she likes to use the example of a Satellite when coaching professionals.

She encourages people to develop the capacity to Tune their awareness like antennas to receive high-quality information.

You can call this awareness intuition if it helps as long as you define intuition as “The whisper of your inner voice.” 

Beate believes it’s important to develop the ability to be truly present and in your body to magnify the reach of your antenna through a practice of Meditation in your life. 

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