Young Actors/Models Jahleel and Egypt – The Kamara Kidz! Set to Shine Across Screens Everywhere

Thank you for chatting with us today! 2021 is finally here – what do you hope this year has in store for you?

Jahleel: “A lot of fun and a lot of auditions”

Are you feeling motivated in this new year?  If so, what are you doing to keep that up?

Egypt: “ well I’m in school but when me and Jahleel have auditions, we do them. 

So how did you (Jaheel and Egypt) get into acting Modeling/Acting? 

Where are you from, based out of? We’re From New York but we live in New Jersey 

What is your definition of success?

Egypt: “Success is working hard and reaching all your goals”

Who or what inspires you daily?

Egypt: My Mom, My Dad and my brother inspire me.

What major Films/Shows have you been featured in thus far?

Jahleel : “ I was on ABC Nightline, POWER, The Movie B-Boy Blues and I’m gonna be in the movie Fever.”

Who are some of your favorite Actors/Performers?

Jahleel: “I like Cyrese, and i like Jake And Jayce. They Know How To Rap And Sing Like Me.”

What’s does the future hold in store for you two?

Egypt: More Auditions and More Bookings. 

Where can we follow you on social media to keep up with YOU!

@egypt.Kamara @jahleel.Kamara @kamarakidz 

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Thank you!  

End of Interview