LA Private Investigator Lends Services and Financial Pledge to Help Find Sacred White Moose Poachers

Andy Kay Jumps in To Help Community Find Culprits Who Killed “Spirit Moose” on Flying Post First Nation territory in Ontario Canada

December 2nd  2020—Los Angeles, CA
Poaching is illegal, but when a sacred animal to a local indigenous population is poached it is taken as an especially serious matter. After reading the distressing headlines, Andy Kay, Owner of Kay & Associates Investigations, contacted Troy Woodhouse in hopes of helping
find the criminals responsible for the heinous act. Kay found Woodhouse on social media after seeing his GoFundMe Page requesting to help find the perpetrators responsible for the killing on the tribal lands of the Flying Post First Nation.

Kay saw the story come up on his newsfeed about illegal poachers who killed the sacred white moose and wanted to lend his financial aid and professional efforts to the cause. It is illegal to hunt white moose, known as a “Spirit Moose,” in the area where the sacred animal was killed. Andy Kay has offered an additional $2,500 for any information leading to the arrest
and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the killing of the sacred white moose. Also, Kay and his agency have offered assistance to help bring the criminals to justice.

The poaching issue is near and dear to Kay’s heart, as he has been involved in exotic animal and wildlife rescues most of this life. One of Kay’s efforts ended up on the Ellen Degeneres show, following the dramatic rescue of a 300lb black bear suspended 110ft above the ground from a bridge in Tahoe. Including Kay’s donation, Woodhouse’s efforts and GoFundMe Campaign has accumulated over $10,000.

“Animals, wildlife, and first nation people have always been a big part of my life. This was an opportunity to help and lend my skills to the cause,” stated Andy Kay of Kay & Associates Investigations of Los Angeles, CA.

Kay’s roots are in the mountains and in wildlife, and he will always be an integral part to these types of causes, in any form of animal aid or rescue. Kay and Associates Investigations is a full-service detective and investigations agency, helping people and businesses protect
themselves from criminal and unlawful activities.

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About Andy Kay

One of the best in the Private Investigating business for over 29 years, Andy Kay is known for his versatile skills, keen instincts, and innovative thinking in each complicated case presented to him. He has solidified himself as one of the most notable and successful investigators in the industry.

Kay’s life experience has given him the ability to use his expansive knowledge base to get the best results possible every time. He has worked for numerous state and federal task forces and agencies, foreign corporations and governments from South/Central America to the Middle East and Europe, for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, and has become a top specialist in construction law and investigations. Having studied criminal justice, political science, law, and engineering, Andy acquired his pilot’s license, followed by his PI license in 1992. He also has his general engineering and general building contractor licenses. Kay often serves as an expert witness, strengthening his credibility as the best in the business.

Along with out-of-the-box cases, Kay works with a variety of claims, not limited to; child custody, infidelity, locating asset and verification, construction, fraud, criminal defense, insurance, cyber security, stalking, celebrity security, international surveillance, background checks, and missing persons.

“Every case is absolutely different, so there is no standard approach. That’s part of what I love so much about my work; the diversity of the challenges”, says Kay.  His success in all cases starts with his commitment to the business. Possessing a knack for creative thinking, Kay’s methods of
developing evidence in cases are what makes him so successful.

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