Welcome Water Tower! Thank you or chatting with us today! You recently released a cover of Lodi Dodi as 182 Water and Dre Drinkard, tell us more about that!

Thank you for having us on the show! 

Well we normally were going live twice a day on FB/IG/Twitch until Blackout Tuesday hit.  On that day we stopped going live and instead started recording my version of “Lodi Dodi” over a track that Dre had been working on as a summer jammer.  He set the mic up, told me to flow with an open heart and a summer vibe, and 2:50 minutes later the song was done.  The rad thing about how Dre produces is that he leaves a lot of room for the artist to be themselves.  He is very casual, for example, when he told me to flow over this, he just walked out of the room and came back when it was over.  This made me feel comfortable as an artist because he was in the other room not fully paying attention (or so I thought).  Once he came back in the room, we had the song and instantly knew it was going to be a summer hit since it had such a unique vibe.     

We immediately knew that since it was blackout Tuesday, and we were covering Black music, that we wanted to donate ALL the portions of revenue generated FOREVER to the NAACP which helps POC have access to legal assistance (and so much more).  

The thing we never could have expected was how this song is taking on a life of its own on TikTok.  Famous LA dancers Kristin Farina and Shariah True caught the music industry off-guard with their ability to create a dance, and then have thousands of young people around the WORLD doing the dance within minutes.  This is exactly what Kristin did with “Lodi Dodi (Summer Version)”, she seemed to have created a dance based on the Dougie while sort of miming the words  (“feeling sad and blue”, wipes eyes dramatically, ADORBS) and within five minutes of posting it had hundreds of copycat dancers.   Now the song is rocketing its way to the top without any of the traditional means of airplay (radio, Spotify, YouTube).  

What keeps you guys motivated?

We are motivated by our fans who are so hungry for more of our music and our lifestyle.  We never could have expected the kind of success that would happen so fast for us.  Now every morning I wake up and sort through which TikTok dances I can duet before noon.  I have been meeting new friends all over the world and we have never even spoken, only danced.   So to answer your question, our fans keep us motivated.   The idea that people want more and more of what we do is just so exciting. 

Do you guys have a pre-show routine?

Our pre-show routine includes weight-lifting in the front yard, dancing around with a bunny hat on, and morning runs. We also drink band smoothies and meditate.  We work very hard to keep a level head. 

If you could play any music festival, what one would it be?

We would like to play lollapalooza lol… or woodstock…. actually, it would be fun to do Coachella too lol… but for Water Tower (our band) we would want to play Stagecoach. 

How do you define success?

Success for us is learning more about how to live in the present moment.  How to enjoy life in the now.  Enjoying the in-breath, and then relishing in the out-breath. Learning how to achieve bliss right now.  Or as Jerry Seinfeld and the crew once said “Serenity Now”. 

You guys have some pretty cool merch, can you tell us more about what you have available?

Thank you : ) 

We have a CD that has taken us seven years to perfect, Captain hats (ten year re-issue), Peachwood combs, Charcoal bristle bamboo toothbrushes, #watertowerlife guitar picks, Water Tower Logo guitar picks, Water Tower tote bag, #watertowerlife capos (guitar tool for changing the key), and other musical things (vinyl, other records)…. basically we have a lot of options for merch, and we are trying to promote our lifestyle of health and low impact on the environment.  Honestly the reason we wanted so many toothbrushes around is because we ended up buying them frequently. Whenever I clean the bathroom I would always drop one of the boys’ toothbrushes into the toilet and have to get them a new one.  So instead we all just use the wooden hippie toothbrushes that our fans use too : ) 

Where can we check out your music and connect with you on social media?

Here are all the socials we frequent: 



IG: https://www.instagram.com/watertowerband/

TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@watertowerband

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/watertowerband

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/watertowerband

WEBSITE: www.watertowerband.com

10 day interactive FREE album experience:  https://offers.watertowerband.com/inviteonly

End of Interview