“26 Letters” from pop/electronica singer and songwriter Luckie Boy is out now. Featuring fresh beats and a hefty amount of spark, “26 Letters” is an ideal pop song. Luckie Boy’s voice is sincere, youthful. Mixed within his crooner vocals is a music bed enriched with depth and harmonies. This upbeat, positive song is charming and engaging songwriting. “26 Letters” is the third song Luckie Boy has written with multi Grammy and Dove-nominated songwriter, Thornton Cline and follows the hits “Cry Myself to Sleep” and “Hourglass”.

Sounding like bottled up summer, the sheer magnitude of “26” feels like a vintage romance. The lyrics convey the idea that for each day the beloved has been gone, Luckie Boy has written his feelings in letters. I can easily imagine a pile of 26 loving letters stacked in the pile of mail, waiting to be opened. Not only is this uber romantic, that old-fashioned way of writing letters really feels fun. I’m certain people still write letters to each other, and Luckie Boy seems all the more chivalrous in this act of penning his thoughts. I loved that about this song. I’m bombarded with other pop/dance songs that are about hooking up, texting and direct messaging (DM-ing) and the lyrics in “26 Letters” held more meaning. I’ll be there in every word you read, he sings. As a listener, I really felt his heart coming through in those words – he wasn’t just repeating words on a page. He gives his all. 

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Embedded into the song’s music bedrock, the bursting beats and what I can assume is a melodic guitar. The majority of the song is electronica and Luckie Boy’s endearing voice comes across as the perfect companion. Luckie Boy, who grew up in a small Indiana town and is now based in Nashville, definitely has a world-appeal. He has a pristine voice, a very modest voice, but clean. Where some song choices sound more for a vocal group, or blended voices, what made “26 Letters” stand out to me is that Luckie Boy stays in his range, he delivers a top-level vocal delivery, and utilizes an amalgamation of beats and soaring sounds to create that extra layer of intricacies. It works. Just about the song’s bridge, a zipping, climatic beat hits then drops, only to make its way smoothly amongst the music base. I guess you could say Luckie Boy aims for the stars on the undercurrent and still lands amongst a wild world of ambient and pop-driven beats. I don’t think that’s luck – I think that’s raw talent and keen instincts. 

“26 Letters” is just the jumpstart the world needs to kick off the spring and summer months. It’s fun, perky and you can sure dance to it. Luckie Boy and Cline have struck gold once again. “26 Letters” checks lots of boxes as being a ‘hit’ and more importantly, it just makes you feel good. I’m digging this song that gets you thinking about the positives in life and how the human connection business never goes out of style. 

Garth Thomas

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