Fresh off of bypass surgery, Modern Country artist, Larry J, has rendered two new musical offerings. Thanks to the fortunate success of a very crucial procedure, Larry has climbed back on the horse. “2 New Girlfriends,” and “Chasin Me,” are vintage Larry J, and both capture a jovial energy, that leaps from the speakers. Make no mistake that LJ, himself is an accomplished songwriter. He had a major splash on I Tunes, with his song “Wow,” which featured vocals from The Voice contestant, Caeland Garner.

“2 New Girlfriends” is an effectual title, that is likely to make you want to hear it, for curiosities sake. It’s fascinating that a society that is said to be founded upon monogamy, is so tantalized by it’s contrast, but not to digress. Larry has already established a hook, before playing his first note, and he mostly goes on to deliver. “2 New Girlfriends” is textbook country in certain ways, as it tells the story of drowning your woes of love and life. The twist here is that Larry’s new girlfriends are affectionately named, Mary and Margarita.

The latter is fitting, as Larry kind of embodies a Pop Country, Jimmy Buffet like persona. Even through his heartache, longing and loneliness, you picture Larry, always smiling. It might be a little alarming to hear that Larry J, fresh off of heart surgery, is romancing the bottle, but it seems tongue in cheek. Larry’s sound is a peculiar hybrid, that isn’t easily pigeonholed, but you get the feeling it’s by design. “2 New Girlfriends” is a chuckle inducing piece,  that seizes its moment, and doesn’t surpass its welcome.


“Chasin Me” is the second of the two singles, and is something of an allegory on the reality TV culture. J starts by proclaiming his fondness for a young lady, then begins to question why he must be the one to pursue her. On the surface, it’s lighthearted fare, but then it begins to trigger deeper thought. Are the traditional roles we play in looking for intimacy, becoming antiquated? It can seem that society has progressed at an accelerated rate, in a short time.

Conversely, you could pose the theory that those roles have not only stabilized, but in some ways, cemented. With concepts such as Only Fans, and Web Cams, not only have Men continued to pursue women, vociferously, but now for a very structured and accepted exchange. Larry J probably didn’t intend for such a deep excursion into relationship politics, but he has at least found the documents. Can we say we have truly reached a time of martial individuality and radical deconstruction of older tropes, if we still abide by the practices of yesterday?  Time will tell if Larry gets to one day find himself on the other end of the chase.

Larry J has resurfaced with two quality pieces of work, both of which can contain at least a base level of social significance. On the surface, they just seem like silly, or novel songs, but Larry seems smart enough to dig a bit. What we get are some entertaining and at times, funny diatribes, that make some commentary on alcoholism and the imbalances of conventionality.  Larry J, knows his audience and he writes specifically for them. He’s got two new girlfriends, and he’s also got a new lease on life.

Garth Thomas