“Second Chances” is the latest single from alt pop singer/songwriter Trevor Drury. It’s the way he sings and his overall essence that moves the listener into a contemplative mood. The questions are answered and the lines drawn in the pop-bending track. It’s the latest single from the EP Alice, It’s All In Your Head.

Among his portfolio is the 2016 Tom Ford Fall Campaign. He grew up in San Diego and started playing piano at eight; he would go on to study music at San Diego State University and later The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). His debut album The Start came out in 2016. Drury worked with two-time Grammy-winning producer Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Whitney Houston, Hilary Duff and more), mixed by Grammy winner Tony Black (Alicia Keys) on the record. In 2019 he released the singles “Head On The Tracks”, “Chapter 4” and “Star Ride”. And, his more than 18-thousand Instagram followers have come to know his best friend, a teacup York named Ruby, as his constant travel companion.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/trevordrurymusic/?igshid=1thrbdenmjz4x

Cuteness aside, “Second Chances” is not a bright and warm song. It’s a heart-stirring song that is bolstered by the violin string arrangements. It’s interesting to me that Drury, with is pianist background, wouldn’t choose a piano or organ to create the wavelengths found in “Second Chances” but the decision to use violins is the right one. The strings are sobering. They give the song a bit of a melancholy vibe. When Drury sings “you changed your mind, you took my time…second guess are a waste of time” he separates the words with longer pauses or breaks. You can hear a pin drop. He sings with Mea culpa. In the chorus he hurries the words and leads to the lyrics “you made me hide, hung me out to dry.” The listener is wondering – did he get kicked out of the house? Is he in the dog house and is begging for forgiveness? Drury’s deep, confident voice is strong, but he sings with disarray and frazzled breathe during the chorus. I liked this dynamic and it made the song sound more interesting. Honestly, though, it was already interesting with the violin music bed. And the added icing on the cake that is Drury’s undeniably solid vocals, “Second Chances” steals the show.

The drum work in “Second Chances” is unique. It’s a very loud, one note pound. Like a gong. Drury’s storytelling sensibilities are paramount – he knows how to draw the listener in and keep them engaged. “Second Chances” is not your typical pop rock song and that’s what makes it so magical. The final word? “Second Chances” is a great song and Drury’s natural talents are on full display in this gem of a song. To see this song performed live will be a dream…one can hope he will continue to cross the pond and continue to tour the States. “Second Chances” gets high marks, indeed. It just takes one listen to give it a chance.

Garth Thomas