Formed in 2017, The FMs are a New York based group highly regarded for their queer music, their seductive videos, and captivating live performances. Lead singer and founder Matte Namer states “I’m drawn to music’s ability to mobilize social and cultural change.” That very statement highlights their new hit, Annihilation Denial, a warning to the people of the planet to pay attention to the ecological destruction of the earth. 

Matte Namer also released the powerful statement “ We are in a time of massive social upheaval, caught in a wild story that none of us know how it will end. Will the dark forces who propagate fear, selfishness, machismo, and narcissism beat out the side of reason, love and compassion? I sure hope not, but we’ll be doing our part to steer the storyline”, and that they have accomplished. 

It is said that environmental pollution is an incurable disease. The FMs are determined to cure it. If more people listened to the messages this group relays, the earth might have a chance. The song talks about how humanity is set on destroying the planet and warns of its impending doom musically and lyrically. Their industrial goth dazzle deserves your attention….as a matter of fact it demands it. Singer Miss Cherry Delight collaborates in this powerful effort. One needs to be open minded and allow the meaning to sink in, and The FMs energetic plea accomplishes just that. 

5/5 Stars

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