With the dawn of the new year, popular, out actor and pop/R&B artist Marck Angel has released his latest music video, and it illustrates in fine detail how angels appear in the most unusual places. The singer, whose illustrious career includes screen credits in such LGBT films as Roger Omeus’ Finding Me The Series (in which he also appears on the soundtrack), Deka Log, Screenwriter/director Dwight Allen O’Neal’s Cock Tales, and the City Boyz-DC reality show, plus soulful hit songs like Maybe, Summertime, Positions (ft. Kaoz), and Deep, went underground—literally—to earn his mellifluous wings in his new production. Marck has long been a signature voice in the LGBTQ community, and his songs have been the musical backdrop for Pride celebrations and events from New York City to Atlanta. “This is what I do, and I love it,” the crooner tells Hollywood Digest, “my music is me.”

For Wings, which is part of his new album Seraphim, Marck journeyed to Brooklyn, taking his dance troupe beneath Bed-Stuy’s sidewalks to shoot a very urbane, lissome video that juxtaposes the industrial city with the free spirit of dance. Amidst the lightly pulsing, invigorating bass line is Marck’s famous falsetto and sensual undulations, in, of all places, the Utica Avenue station of the Fulton Street IND. It was a bit surreal to see this usually bustling depot empty, except for Marck and his dancers, but this just makes the video even more arresting. It’s full of energy, with just the right choreography setting off artist, subject, and music.

Marck is building on his well-established platform with this latest entry and continues to be a staunch advocate for the community, as well. He’s been a strident voice in the equality movement, and his accolades include Out Music Awards and, more recently, supporting the work of the Impulse Group, an LGBTQ prevention/education nonprofit dedicated to the health of the community. With eight music videos, 12 singles, several albums to his name over the past decade, Marck is flying to new heights, to the delight of his many fans. Sometimes you do have to go low to soar high. Watch the new Wings video here: https://youtu.be/Ng8q0i3l46k and visit Marck at his website, https://www.marckangel.com, to discover more about this gifted young vocalist.