Gerard Butler hopes his action movies inspire fans to be more courageous in their lives.

The 300 star is promoting his new film, Hunter Killer, and admits he loves playing the lead in high-octane blockbusters, because if they come out as intended they help film-goers get tough with problem areas in their lives.

“In some ways (they are) inspiring in that kind of way that humans want to go and be entertained and come out and go, ‘Yeah, I want to be more courageous’, or, ‘I want to stand up for myself’, or, ‘I want to find something that’s worth sacrificing for’,” the Scottish actor tells Uproxx.

“That’s ultimately one of the reasons why I like making these big movies.”

Gerard also has a lot of fun making films like 300 and Hunter Killer, adding, “They’re fun and they pay well!

“We always try our best but sometimes you make a movie and you go, ‘OK, that really didn’t work’. But, when it works, honestly, there is nothing better. There is nothing better than walking into a room and feeling the excitement of somebody who has watched a 300 or a Hunter Killer. Because there are always high stakes and there are always big ideas.

“You make these movies with original content, original ideas – not some intellectual property – and you’re therefore dangling a little more, you know? You could fall on your a**. So, therefore, when it works, it’s so exciting because of those high stakes. When they work they (action films) are incredibly exciting, thrilling, fun.”