When was the last time you really felt like you got to do what you wanted? I don’t mean just going to run an errand or treating yourself to a piece of clothing or tech. I mean really pushing your life in the direction you want it to be. Today, it can feel really overwhelming to just do what you want, pandemic aside, it’s just a scary venture to abandon it all in the pursuit of doing what makes you happy, especially when it feels like others are looking, if only because they feel the same way. It’s a vicious cycle that many don’t break out of, but with the songs “Breathing” and “GANGSTA” by Gabriele Saro, Ivan Coma, and Roberto Fabbro, this trio of producers and writers want everyone to stop being so fearful and just do what they love. 

Saro is certainly one to know a thing or two by going for what he believes in by holding both a master’s in business and a diploma in music and film music composition. Those are two very opposite ends of the spectrum even when there is overlap because the industry is just that, an industry. Saro lives on his own terms however and has been able to work on a variety of creative projects including commercials and documentaries and you cans sense than risking it all Devil-May-Care attitude in the music. “Breathing” especially follows the idea of giving it all up to go for what you want.

The lead singer doesn’t want conflict and he can feel opportunity flowing in the wind like it’s a tangible person and he’s ready to go for it, and the lyrics use a lot of evocative imagery of heartbeats, breathing, it’s very body driven which makes sense because it sounds like something you could hear at maybe a modern dance class. There’s a physicality to it, even if you might not think it on first listen, but it is the kind of song to evoke some kind of strong response out of you that’s sure to make some people get up and move. “GANGSTA” in a way sounds like it’s cut from the cloth of current internet hits, even almost sounding beat-wise like a missing Doja Cat demo, now mixed into its own distinct musical identity. With a soulful performance rich with interesting vocal inflections and a memorable chorus especially, it’s another song that tells the story of a woman no longer wanting to feel like someone putting on a front.

This one is also similar to body conscience ideas with imagery about dancing and moving, and that makes sense as a companion to “breathing”. It’s the kind of song that sounds like it would have a lavish music video attached if only because the beat is so memorable. I think there’s an entire wealth of people looking for something new to feel something and experience and one-of-a-kind tracks to dance to, and I really can’t recommend the work of this trio enough.

Garth Thomas

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