Pop sensation Gabe Lopez’s album “God Bless the Queens” is a clear demonstration as to why he is such a success. The album contains a plethora of vibrant sound and funk. Each track is made up of stellar lyrics and goes to show why James Brown himself vouched for Lopez. He is known to bring the funk in the modern-day pop era. 

A song that struck me on this track was “Vivian and Valerie”. It brings me back to the mid-2000’s feel-good pop sound. Along with that, the lyrics carry a storyline, which is a common theme throughout Lopez’s tracks. This song demonstrates the ability he has in combining a catchy tune with meaningful lyrics. 

“Picture Frames” is a tone down from the boppy sounds of the other tracks on the album. It brings to light that we should always be our own person and never change for anything that isn’t satisfied with that. It’s also filled with poetic lyricism, “You are the sky when you shine bright, I swear the sun is jealous cause’ you stole it’s light”. Along with great vocals and a beautiful melody, I was very impressed with the song. Gabe Lopez is a true talent in not just his genre, but as an artist overall.

Written by Anthony Szula