Thank you for taking this interview with us Nita! What have you been up to personally lately? 

Of course, thanks for having me! So lately I’ve been focused on eating healthier (less sugar for sure) and exercising 4-5 times a week. Also my sister and I have been very obsessed with Korean dramas on Netflix! 

Now let’s talk music! Your latest single ‘Cross The Line’ was it inspired by something you’ve been through? 

It’s not about one specific event, but yes in general I have been in that space of putting up my walls and isolating myself when I felt misunderstood or hurt. Ironically at the time I wrote this with my friend Sirsa, I was having a falling out with some friends who I thought were close, so it seemed sort of impossible for me to even write something with a positive message. But I’ve always said that I never feel like I write my songs, more like receive them from the muses (not always, but often). But I hope this could help others going through the same thing. 

Is there a line drawn of what you’ll write about and share with your fans and what you won’t? 

I’d like to think that there isn’t because I’ve shared a lot of my personal experiences and feelings with my fans. I was very self-conscious about this in the beginning of my career and it felt like my diary was open to the world. I’ve become a lot more comfortable now, but I think subconsciously there are things that I’m not ready to share or haven’t even processed myself. I hope to open up enough to share because I think it’s all part of the human experience and I know I feel that depth and connection with other artists when they share their deepest thoughts & feelings. But I will say that I won’t share if I’ve written about a specific person because I like to keep some mystery 🙂

Who do you share new music with first? 

I usually share new music with my family (My Mom, Dad and sister). Sometimes they’ll have some interesting feedback or criticisms…but I still end up doing it every time! 

Who do you go to when you need an honest critique? 

I have lots of friends who are musicians. Some of them are always sweet and say it sounds great, but I do have those few who I know will be honest and give me critical feedback, so I usually go to them.

What was the best part about releasing the single? 

So the best part of releasing this single has been people’s receptivity to it! People seem genuinely into the song and are giving me a lot of positive feedback which surprised me! Also it’s gotten onto several Spotify playlists which hasn’t happened before. When you make music, it’s just exciting for people to listen to it and appreciate it! 

What has been your favorite fan reaction to ‘Cross The Line’? 

So one of my friends said she played the song for her son (who’s almost 2) and he said “play again”! That just warmed my heart to hear that!  

Where can we go to support your music?

So you can find me on most music platforms like Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook through my website

Thanks for having me! 

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