Big Mood is the six-song EP from power pop singer Muszette. These high-energy, high octane tracks are brimming with speed, unexpected brass and some bursting drum machines. At the core of the songs is Muszette’s empowered voice, laced with emotional undertones. Sizzling with dance colors all around, these songs feel like neon-in-a-bottle. From the title track to “Feeling Electric”, Muszette has the party going nonstop.


Muszette, the moniker of Melanie Taylor, has a powerful voice. She reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga – a vocal range that has the strength to move a song along. It has texture to it, some depth. It would be easy to get caught up in the backing music. These songs are heavy with percussion and lots of things are happening, but somehow Muszette’s voice cuts through the center. “Big Mood” really sets the tone and immediately she establishes that she’s going to give an inspiriting performance. I was taken aback at how sharp the horn section sounded – quite surprising. It didn’t feel like it just dropped out of thin air, either. It felt seamless.

“Gonna Rise Up” and “Power” are equally engaging. I felt very empowered, almost like I was walking into a workout or ready to take on the day. These tracks would be amazing to hear in a dance club setting or outside at a big festival. They are made to be heard in groups, celebrated in a communal setting. You remember those, right? The kind of songs that you have to put down your drink so you can use both arms to really rock out. She continues to bring her A-game with “Boom”, “Devil On The Shoulder” and “Feeling Electric”.  “Boom”, especially has a way of making the listener feel tip top to break through any wall standing in their way. It’s hard to say which of the pack is my favorite song, but I would definitely place “Big Mood” and “Boom” near the top. Muszette allows the listener many moments to linger, to find it in their own heart what the zipping electronic piano does to their soul, or what that pulsating bass line does to their confidence. It’s invisible, but the pallet of colors she brings to the table is wide spread and endless.


These songs are great escapes and frankly riveting. I know I mentioned Lady Gaga earlier as a comparison, but fans of Melanie C will find these songs quite exhilarating. If you’re feeling low, these will pick you up, pepper your spirits. I felt limitless, light and fearless. Muszette has moments of tenderness in her voice, and times when she’s more vulnerable. I think that shows grit and it portrays authenticity. Don’t be fooled by the bells and whistles in the background (they work, believe me). She can really sing. She has the voice that can sing the weather and it would sound better than most of what we’re hearing on the radio today. I would highly suggest this EP, and if you’re a fan of video games, even better. You have yourself a great soundtrack.

Garth Thomas