Alexandra Nicole Nolan is Making Waves as an Unconventional Entrepreneur

Alexandra Nicole Nolan is not your stereotypical southern woman. “I remember in my tweens wearing my dad’s plaid button ups and wide legged jeans.” recalls Alexandra. “Of course I loved lip gloss and pigtails, but I have always really marched to the beat of my own drum, doing what feels right and formulating my own ideas on life.” This mindset seems to have carried Alexandra through adulthood with her many achievements. 

While Alexandra Nicole Nolan is no longer sporting her dad’s shirts, she wears many hats as a national brand influencer through her blog City Chic Living (, the founder of The Confident Boss ( which is an online academy for other aspiring entrepreneurs, a student receiving her PhD in Business at the University of Memphis, a mother of three boys, and a loving wife to the infamous “Mr. Greg” which you can occasionally catch glimpses of on her Instagram @alexandra.nicole (

“Everything about my world is unconventional. I don’t read books or try to mirror others when it comes to business, momming, or doing life in general. I believe that the only way to figure out your groove is to learn by trial and error.” says Alexandra. Nolan embarked on her journey in 2012 after quitting her Fortune 100 corporate job and pursuing her dream to become a business owner. “Even as a young girl, my brain would explode with ideas on different products I could develop, what I would call them, what the brand would look like, and where I would sell them. I knew becoming a business owner was my calling. I just didn’t know how to bring my ideas into fruition.” 

After many Google searches, brainstorming sessions, brand mood boards, and good old fashioned prayer, Alexandra took the plunge, quit her corporate job and set out to become her own boss.  Between 2012 and 2019, Nolan launched and sold a cosmetic line, candle and soap portfolio, fashion brand, and brick and mortar boutique. Alexandra loves the intricacies of the creation process and the excitement of launching a brand. “Once I have something up and going, I like to get rolling on another project. When I learned this about myself, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my future to teaching other women how to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and to further research in marketing and small business strategy.” explains Alexandra.

Alexandra credits her accomplishments to unwavering determination. “Once I put my mind to something, I become relentless in my attempts to achieve the task at hand. This has been my tried and true path to success. Can’t is not a concept I understand.” 

Alexandra has been featured in the New York Weekly Times, Yahoo News, LA Weekly Times, The Daily Dose, and on the Simonetta Lein Show. She plans to further her brand in 2021 through her works on writing a book for aspiring entrepreneurs.