Bold in prose and beautifully executed by the adept players within Avni Vir Vineet, the lyrical attack that comes sweeping through our speakers in the new single “#2020” is certainly one of the main points of interest in this latest release from the aspiring family band, but it wouldn’t be truthful to say that it’s the only reason to give the song a listen this January. Released alongside the New Year’s holiday, “#2020” encourages us to enter the new decade with a new attitude towards each other, and more importantly, a new outlook on the world as it relates to each and every one of us.


The vibrant verses of this single are perhaps the most important linchpin in the construction of the rhythm, but that said, there’s a lot to take in on the percussive side of the track as well. With “#2020,” Avni Vir Vineet want us to examine just how groove-oriented their sound can be, even when the vocal is the most glaringly attractive element to behold in the mix. There’s a bit of a boost on the drum parts through the robust EQ, but even at its most churning, the percussion never sounds abrasive nor annoyingly bombastic.

Right from the get-go in my first listening session with “#2020,” I couldn’t help but notice just how minimalistic all of the actual melodies in this song are, and though the mix is a muscular beast when it needs to be, the understated nature of this composition could be its most appealing quality. There’s something special about a pop single that doesn’t invite a lot of needless frills into the music and yet still aches with as much emotion and passion as a regular stadium-shaker would, and in many ways, that’s exactly what Avni Vir Vineet have developed in this new song.

It would be pretty interesting to hear a remix of “#2020” with a slightly heavier bassline, if for no other reason than to hear what kind of a swagger this crew would have in a club music capacity. I think that it definitely has the bones to support a big, swinging bottom-end, and you wouldn’t really have to do that much to give it the necessary upgrades to soundtrack a hot nightclub. Avni Vir Vineet are impressively versatile in their approach to songwriting, and that’s going to give them a lot of extra momentum as this next decade comes into view.

My gut tells me that I’m far from alone in saying that I’m quite excited to see what the 2020s are going to hold for Avni Vir Vineet, and this new single is the main reason why. Family bands don’t typically have a long shelf life, but in the case of this Indian pop syndicate, I think they’ve got a lot of material in them still waiting to fully mature, thus leading me to expect a lot out of their brand in the future. Time will tell for certain, but in “#2020,” they’re showing a lot of incredibly melodic moxie.

Garth Thomas